About Us

Mission Statement

Creator Jam is helping people realize their potential through creating.  Making an environment for
creators to thrive. Building worlds together.

Creator Jam is helping people realize their potential through creating, building opportunities to grow, and sharing with the community through events.

Creator Jam is helping people realize their potential through creating, collaborating, and sharing with the community through events.

Vision Statement

A world where creators flourish and support each other.
A world where creators succeed, support, and share.
 world where creators succeed and share.
A world where creators thrive.


Encourage Creation
The act of creating is special, cathartic, and rewarding. Everyone can create.

Foster a nurturing, positive, and accepting environment where creators can grow and thrive.

Show the potential of working together. Cultivate an atmosphere for friendship.

Help and build up others through teaching and learning. Bringing tools and resources to empower.

Open Sharing
Giving to the community with open source ideals breeds a healthy gifting culture.

Free Expression
Encouraging others to be able to be themselves. Playfulness encouraged. Keep it weird.


In 2019 it didn’t take too long being inside Neos to notice a unique culture and a unique time in history.  The community was positive but scattered.  A fledgling metaverse needed a bedrock event that would embody the ethos of Neos.  A way to build community even if someone could only be available one day a week, be a veteran user, or a newbie.

Imagined a future Neos that has thousands of users.  They go to all sorts of events and activities, play games, socialize, and more—a digital translation of the meatspace but with more possibility.  An original population of eccentrics who all knew each other, helped each other, shared ideas, and created together would be lost to a flood of those that consumed. Creators would be scattered and fragmented.  We aim to create a place that would retain that original Neos spirit.

That is Creator Jam.

Creator Jam is the longest running VR Collaborative Creator Event in the Metaverse every Sunday since June 2nd, 2019. People from around the world in Neos to gather together making a world.  That world is then shared as open source content.  The collective has evolved offering more seasonal events, creating large amounts of creations, worlds, games, and highly successful Metaverse Maker Competition (MMC) is a month long competition.